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Istituto Ambrosia Immobiliare deals with all the aspects of commercialization, strarting with the analysis of the structure and position of real estate, developing an effective marketing and selling plan of housing units and dealing with sundivision and managment of the costruction sites. The customer care, the most important aspect for customer idealization, is treated with particular attention.

The team offers customized project studies, realization of rendering, models and photo insertions, programmed and articulated advertising, web site dedicated, explicative brochure and advertising media in building site.

Our services are supported by a promotional compaign of social media merketing, curated by experts. During the sale an office is set up at the building site, open also on Saturday and Sunday, with an exposition of the specifications materials.

The reporting of appointments and the contact are maneged by the staff of the office, entirely composed by qualified agents.  The conclusive stages of drafting and the stipulation of the preliminary, the registration of it and the managment of the customer until the deed are conducted with the aid of a legal assistances.

Real estate legal advice
In all the negotiation phases. Bureaucratic assistance and transferability analysis of the property. Stipulation and registration of lease / rental contracts, extension and takeover. Legal assistance for property auctions.

Property auctions
The property auctions, proposed by tribunals, are an increasingly open world in which it is easy to get lost. For this reason it is helpful to have a consultant who can give you an helpful guide.

Energy certification
If you have to sell or rent your real estate you must own the energy performance certificate (A.P.E) If you don’t have this kind of certificate, you can contact us.

Interior Design and Renovation
Advice for renovation and progetation, cadastral and building inquire, plant and energy check, bulding and visure.

Architectural consultancy, cadastral pratices, variations, voltages, changes of intended use.

Estimative reports
We offer to private, condominium administrations and companies a fast, specific service with extremely competitive costs for the preparation of certified real estate appraisals, also for mortgage purposes.

Selling and lease


Residential properties

Real estate assets


Management and commercialitation of construction sites


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